Specialty Papers

Paper is the foundation of amazing custom stationery and invitations.  There are many different types of paper with unique characteristics of weight, color, tactile feel, and composition.

COTTON PAPERS – classic cotton content papers are long lasting and have a wonderful tactile feel.  There is a reason our money is printed on Crane‘s cotton paper.  Most letterpress invitations look best when printed on thick cotton content paper because of how the soft fibers grab hold of the ink.

METALLIC PAPERS – have an iridescent sheen giving the colors a little sparkle.  These jewel-toned papers are excellent for adding a pop of color as a border or envelope liner to an invitation.  While printing directly on the paler colors gives a luminescence to the text.

FELT or LINEN – papers have texture and are usually a combination of wood and plant pulps to give a sturdiness to the paper and good tactile finish.  Felt paper texture can look similar to watercolor paper.

PAPER WEIGHT – The same paper can come in several different weights and each has it’s uses.

Paper weight essentially describes the thickness of a sheet of paper. There are many different measurements of paper weight, but basis weight is the most common.

Basis Weight: The weight of 500 sheets of paper at its basic size (the size of the sheet before it’s cut down into the size that you purchase). Basis weight varies depending on paper grade (how printer paper is thinner than card stock) each paper grade has its own basic size, and will therefore have a different basis weight—that’s why an 80lb cover stock and an 80lb text paper may weigh the same, but be totally different thicknesses.

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